JWP, Inc.

PO Box 14867

Fort Worth, TX 76117

Fax: 817-439-2353


Jeff Watts

Owner, Executive Producer





JWP is the ultimate packager.  The concept of packaging started a couple of years back when JWP suggested to ESPN that they package their ESPN3 games.  Since then, JWP has become the largest packager of games and events in the southwest.  What is packaging?  Basically turn-key, one stop shopping for the entire production.  JWP provides everything from the Generator, Sat Truck, Crew, Production and Producing.  Each truck is outfitted with the appropriate equipment including scaffolding, yellow jackets, generators and broadcast equipment.  JWP takes care of doing the site survey, working with the facility staff, and hiring the appropriate staff to get the job done.   As producers first, your product will get the attention that any large broadcast receives.  Opens, interstitials, replay, teases, high quality graphics packages, quality camera work and a A Team of crew folks who enjoy their job.



Packages Include


GENERATOR FOR POWER – never any reason to bother the facility for power

SCAFFOLDING / SIZZOR LIFTS – to get the shots we need

CREW – our crew members for the most part travel together, keeping the same folks in the same chairs results in a quality production

PRODUCING – we are producers first, truck owners second

SATELLITE TRUCK AND DISTRIBUTION – we take care of the distribution of your event back to your TOC. All sat space is purchased from the Space Connection